Arcane Experience
War Game


40 minutes

Number of players

Logistical set-up
3 Months

The challenge

Specialized in naval defense and marine-renewable energy, Naval Group wanted to organize a modern event that would highlight the problems encountered by naval forces in combat. The objective was to show the solutions provided by Naval Group regarding teamwork. The target audience: around fifty people, including Marines and DGA officials (French Government Defense procurement and technology agency), gathered for an innovative conference.

Our solution

To break the ice by stimulating the participants’ collective creative spirit. It was also an opportunity to establish the framework of the issues to be explored and discussed during the rest of the convention, all of this under a military thematic.

The format

An ice breaker game in the shape of 4 game boards based on Naval Group’s internal vocabulary and terminology whilst also getting the participants into a state of active listening for the rest of the workshop.

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