Arcane Experience
Escape box


60 minutes

Number of players

Logistical set-up
45 days

The challenge

ENGIE GBS is a Business Unit of ENGIE. It brings together hundreds of support departments many of which are very different one from the other. New employees often find themselves at a loss to understand the Business Unit’s structure and its specificities. Therefore ENGIE invests a great deal in the deployment of its employer brand and seeks solutions to enhance its image by collaborating with external talent. As part of the companies’ integration conferences, ENGIE GBS wishes to use the game to both inform and unify its newcomers in a fun way.

Our solution

To create a gaming experience which is transportable and stand-alone. Allowing the company to transmit highly factual information to non-initiated company members by inviting them to play along as if participating in a collective project. That is how players took charge of a fictitious project where they moved from one Engie GBS department to another (legal, HR, real estate…). They oversaw the integration of a new subsidiary into the company. The game was livened up with different puzzles to be solved in order to progress onto the next stages in the game. At the same time promoting an understanding of the necessary knowledge to be assimilated by participants.

The format

A transportable Escape Box allowing 10 people to play at the same time wherever it’s installed. It’s possible to duplicate the Escape Box in order to have many groups of participants play at the same time.

on boarding
on boarding
on boarding

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