Arcane Experience

of Orsay

90 minutes

40 to 150 players

Orsay Museum:

Treasure Hunt
The Mysteries of Orsay


Gaé Aulenti, an architect, has discovered an extraordinary secret: a space-time portal, hidden in the Orsay Museum, making time-travel possible. Gaé has identified 6 powerful symbols within the Museum. Lead the investigation to find out where the portal is located.

Course of events

In this treasure hunt, players are divided into teams to roam and discover the clues hidden around the Museum. They are given a roadbook to guide them along the way. They must then cross-reference all of the information gathered in order to find the portal…

An opportunity to appreciate and admire a Parisian urban masterpiece!

  • Strengthen the cohesion and communication within your teams.
  • Offer a culturally enriching dimension to your event.
  • Reveal the personalities of all the participants.

Teaser Mysteries of Orsay

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