Arcane Experience

The Denfert Mafia

90 minutes

20 to 200 players

Paris or in your local area

Team building for large groups
The Denfert Mafia


The Vandalitas, a mafia family, have controlled the 14th arrondissement of Paris for decades. Recently, Furia Vandalita took over from her father, but she has discovered that for months now, the family’s targeted attacks have been regularly failing. There’s quite clearly a mole within the firm… it’s now up to you to identify who it is!

Course of events

In this team building for large groups, players are divided into teams and then walk the streets of the Port Royal district (14th arrondissement) to discover clues. A roadbook will guide them throughout the game. They must then cross-reference all the information gathered to find the mole and bring justice to the firm.

  • Strengthen the cohesion and communication within your teams.
  • Revitalize the welcome sessions for your new business partners and employees.
  • Encourage relaxed communication in a non-formal environment.

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