Arcane Experience

The Writer
and the Felony

90 minutes

20 to 150 players

Dream Castle Hotel near DisneyLand Paris

In your own reception area

Giant investigation game:
The Writer and the Felony


Your reception hall is the favorite haunt of the well-known writer, Peter Dieberg. However, this morning he was found dead, leaving his last piece of work incomplete. How exactly did he die? Who is responsible? What motives are at play… jealousy, pride, passion? Your teams are on a mission to discover who the killer is, and determine the end of his final novel …

Course of events

In this giant investigation game, players are divided into teams and roam the reception area to find clues. A roadbook will guide them throughout the game. They must then cross-reference all of the information that they discover, and by process of elimination, find the culprit.


  • Strengthen the cohesion and communication within your teams.
  • Transmit the messages you wish to communicate with a highly personalized game.
  • Make your events more dynamic for your business partners and employees.

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