Arcane Experience

The four



45 minutes

30 to 1,000 players

indoor or outdoor,
for seminars,
buffet receptions,
training sessions…


Ice Breaker
The 4 Houses’ Challenge


As every year, the Ministry of Confidentiality organizes a giant convention during which its very best agents compete against each other. You have been selected to take the ultimate step: the 4 Houses’ Challenge.

Course of events

In this ice breaker activity, players are divided into houses and are given challenges to complete with selected members from opposing houses. At the end of the allotted time, the house with the highest number of challenges completed is the winner.

Examples of challenges: getting the player from the opposing house to speak in a foreign language; having their position within the company explained to them.

  • Get your intended messages across by specifically customizing your game.
  • Encourage relaxed communication in a non-formal environment.
  • Strengthen the cohesion and communication within your teams.

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