Arcane Experience


90 minutes

5 to 20 players
across 2 rooms

The Escape Lab’ :
Paris or Geneva

Escape game for large groups
Alma : THREAT 3.0


For the past 24 hours technological turmoil has plunged the human race into total distress. The root cause of this catastrophe is the self-driving car accident of Sam BINGE, a famous 18-year-old hacker and creator of the artificial intelligence organization ALMA. ALMA’s now communicating with machines in an encrypted way and will have infected every computer on the planet within 75 minutes.

Course of events

ALMA : THREAT 3.0 is an escape game for large groups that can accommodate up to 20 people across two rooms. In teams, players have 75 minutes to solve a succession of puzzles and put a stop to the artificial intelligence organization in order to escape.

  • Reveal the personalities of all the participants.
  • Invigorate the welcome sessions for new employees.
  • Develop your brand by galvanizing talent.

Teaser Alma Threat 3.0

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