Arcane Experience

heroe’s photo

2 hours

20 to 100 players

indoor or outdoor

Creative workshop
The Heroes’ Photo Journal


You’re a member of the Arcane Academy and what brings all of you together is that you’ve got somewhat special powers.

An evil villain has kidnapped your mentor, and now it’s up to you to save him. So, set the scene and photograph yourself in 7 Polaroid snaps, creating your own story of what happened through pictures!

Course of events

The creative workshop takes place in two stages. First, the apprentices take a short course with a professional photographer to discover the basics of Polaroid photography and photography on smartphones. Secondly, they produce a photo journal of 7 Polaroid snaps. Equipment is provided, and participants leave with all of their photos.

  • Strengthen the cohesion and communication of your teams.
  • Encourage non-formal, relaxed exchanges.
  • Make your events more dynamic for your employees.

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