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The gaming events agency

The founders

The founders

Alexia and Fanny met when they worked together at a communication agency. It was during an Escape Game in Paris when they realized that their classic communication tools lacked what was being directly experienced through playing. What about creating an gaming events agency?


In 2015, they decided to launch Arcane, the agency that boosts communication through games. Building on their previous experiences, they take pleasure in transforming classic communication methods by proposing captivating game scenarios.

The founders strongly value the interactive dimension of gaming, within a professional environment which is increasingly virtualized. Arcane is an invitation to play together, creating bonds and giving meaning to one’s work. 

Grabbing attention through Gamification

Gamification is the art of using games and its mechanics for ulterior purposes.

It gives a new meaning to work and unites employees through the fun of completing a mission together.

The advantages of communication through play are numerous:

+ commitment to the company project
+ more happiness and motivation at work
+ collective intelligence in project management
+ participants’ loyalty to each other


commitement comes into play

Commitment comes into play

When it was created, Arcane set up its offices at Les Grands Voisins, a miniature village within Paris geared towards community-focused and ecologically responsible values. The choice of this location was not a coincidence, as Fanny and Alexia make it a priority to promote those who are eco-responsible and socially committed to carry out all of their projects.

Working with Arcane means ensuring a collaboration that respects both people and the environment.

More than 50 projects have already been carried out

The Arcane agency is at your service through three areas of expertise:

Game creation- from A to Z

Game creation- from A to Z

The Arcane team will tailor your game so that it fits you like a glove: an haute-couture experience, highlighting your message to achieve your goals in style. Team Building, training, integration day, conference…

Each new project is an opportunity for new ideas, for creating a scenario that will meet your objectives.

At Arcane, we don’t impose; we compose, so that each game is unique.

Advice in Game Design

Advice in Game Design

Our Gaming experts share their secrets with you, to make your communication powerful through gaming, opening exciting exchanges with your partners in a memorable immersive context. Read more about our expertise.

We’re always happy to share our knowledge to help you achieve your goals. 

Ready-to-play games sales

Ready-to-play game sales

Arcane has a catalogue of pre-constructed games, cleverly designed to answer very specific needs. Aim for excellence by purchasing a license for one of our tested and approved games.

Our consultants will be happy to accompany you towards the experience that best suits your objectives for your gaming events.