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First established in Paris in 2015, Arcane is a small-sized company: a concentration of talents and expertise who work together for the success of your projects.

Thus, its size is ideal for communication and togetherness within the teams. There are four job professions which surround Alexia and Fanny, the two company founders. Each of them is essential in the construction of a successful game. Read more about the agency.

Game Designer

Game designer

He’s in charge of the engineering! He’s the architect of the game, designing the structure to be set up, keeping in mind the client’s demands and constraints. He then thinks up a scenario to meet those needs.

Next, he integrates all of these elements into forms such as riddles, clues, texts, videos, etc. Which will then be treated by professionals accordingly (set-designer, props, film-maker, photographer, graphic designer, etc.).

Artistic Director

Artistic Director

He works on the identity of the game, and establishes the atmosphere that must be conveyed. He sets the tone by creating the graphic universe.

Moreover, the art director also conveys the guidelines to the different service providers, so that the game retains an overall coherence.

Project Manager

Project Manager

He coordinates the realization of the game. He gets involved after the initial creation by the game designer. Therefore, his job is to find the right service providers, at the right price. Finally, he accompanies them in the creation of the game, or even to coordinate if they need to work together.

The project manager is the link between: the client and his expectations, the Game Designer, and the service providers. He is involved right up until the launch of the game.

Game Master

Game Master

They welcome the participants for their game session. Their role is essential because they are a reference point for the players throughout the game. In fact, they explain the rules of the game, start the session and ensure that it runs smoothly, at times giving directions to the players. They are also the ones who divide the group into teams and debrief after the game.

Our game masters are actors. Therefore, they play a role in order to immerse the participants in the game from the very start.